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The beginning of the work week found me almost finishing up work on my rental house. I have to admit that after two years of working on it 95% with my own two hands, I am glad to be in the home stretch and about ready to rent. It has been a long road but the end result is going to be worth it!

As for the new book, I added a dedication page to my children and got the back cover text finalized. Now I have an appointment with Hannah, the designer who will take my photo provided by my good friend, Dr. Gage Caudell and the back cover text and will work with playing around with the design over the next week.

I am not sure how I will do the reveal of the cover yet but am looking forward to sharing it with others once completed!

Once back from the designers, it will be all hands on deck for the writing of this weeks column. Only three more weeks before I complete my 52nd article and I am pumped about that!

Well, I hope that your week is finding you well, happy and moving along! Enjoy every moment!

Sunday night I completed another goal!

When I sat out one month ago to write my ninth book, I did so with the intention of doing so in 30 days. I have been pushed by several friends to write my story, my story of struggle and success and what I have done to keep moving on.


I was inspired by my friend Nicole, who grew up in the foster care system and has used that to become a successful speaker and bestselling author. Her book: ‘Foster To Fosters‘ is her story of success by trial and fire. Because of this, I sat down on October 30th and began my own story.


Sunday night, November 26th, 2017, I completed my 215th page and ended my story with my ninth book entitled: ‘When The Storm Runs Out Of Rain‘! The book is broken down into four ‘Stages’.


Stage One puts myself under the microscope and discloses all of the negative things that have happen in my life so that every reader gets a real sense of my honesty to them and perhaps something that has happen to me has also happen to them and that will be relatable. Stage Two continues by spotlighting the successful events that have come into my life from sticking to my guns. Stage Three is a laid out plan of action using my ‘Go 2 Grow’ system that I have used as my own guidelines for reaching the things that I want. Stage Four is the reader’s self reflection stage. A 14 question self evaluation that will help every reader go a little more in-depth on themselves and see where they excel and where they can improve to live a more exciting life.


This news is one I am so proud of and I shared this this past Monday with the students of Lancaster Christian School! I was asked several weeks ago about coming to Lancaster and putting on a presentation for Barney & Lexi. I have to say that this is an amazing little school in the countryside of southern Illinois!


When I arrived, I was met at the door by Cherie, the office manager for the school who welcomed me in and gave me a tour of the school. If you know me, you know that while I love every school I visit, its the old schools that have so much character to me! I loved the small classroom sizes, years of students photos lining the hallways and the kind and considerate staff who work there.


Not to long later, recess would end and the students assembled into the day room and off we went! I love how children respond to Barney & Lexi and how I am able to get teachers involved as well. I love the giggles and the questions as children who are shy to start with open up during our time together. I’m all about making the kids feel important and valued!


I signed books for all of the students and as our time ended, I watched the students file into the gymnasium which also doubles as their cafeteria as they prepared for their lunch hour. I fell in love with this little school and it will rank near the top of my most favorite visits!


This visit found its way into two newspapers which I am humbled to be in. Papers don’t have to print anything they do not want and to make the front pages of both leaves me with gratitude and thankfulness! Lancaster also became the focus of my weekly column in The Sumner Press.


Yesterday I completed 20 Barney & Lexi mailers to school across the country and got them in the mail for school approval! Now it’s time to begin work on the front and back cover designs for my new book. A quick bite of pizza for lunch and I’m off to the races! It is my hope that this day finds you in great rewards!



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I began the day on page 173 of the new book and am ending this evening on page 191 and could not be more excited! My goal was to write this book within 30 days.  I was inspired to set that goal because my good friend, Author/Speaker – Nicole Zeien-Cox wrote her bestselling ‘Foster To Fosters’ in one month. Now, with only a few sections remaining, I have no doubt that I will meet my goal and begin working on the cover with an amazing photo provided by renown surgeon and photographer, Dr. Gage Caudell!

With the holidays this week, I was able to spend time with my kids today and am sad to report that after four games of SORRY, I again came up with no ‘W’ in my column. Oh well!


1119172016_HDRAll I can say is that I had an amazing weekend with my children! One of the things we love to do is get out a game of SORRY, lay down on the living room floor and have fun. I admit that I am seldom the winner of SORRY but today, I can claim victory for one game!

My sons had to be with their mother this afternoon for an early Thanksgiving with that side of their family, therefore, they went home at one o’clock and I quickly took out my trash, swept the floors and did the dishes before sitting down to work on the new book.

I am thrilled to be able to add pages 133 – 150 into the ‘completed’ list as I move closer to reaching into the third stage of the book which is the tools for success that I have learned.

This has been an incredible weekend and I hope yours has been as well. I wish nothing for you but a safe and fulfilling beginning to the holiday week and hope you find ways to be thankful leading up to Thanksgiving! All my best!

New Book!

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Well, after some weeks of planning and outlining. Today I began working on my motivational biography and today I began working on the title page, acknowledgements and preface. It looks great and I am looking forward to helping other with the stories, tools, and resources I want to put inside! I’m not sure just what the timeframe will be but I do not plan for this endeavor to be long and drawn out.  More on this when I dive into Chapter 1!


This evening I was the guest on the ‘Inspired With JimmyL’ webcast and had a blast of a time! Jimmy is an awesomely motivated entrepreneur who has an amazing passion for life and for inspiring others to seek their fullest potential!

This segment of IWJL was about struggles and getting through them to reach success.  It was so much fun talking with Jimmy and having the chance to swap energy with one another and broaden our circles even further!

The show will air on 10/20 at the ‘Inspired With JimmyL’ site listed below. If your wanting some amazing pick me up, like Jimmy’s page and follow!

Wishing everybody a great day ahead!!

Here are a couple of videos, I shot before my presentation in Chicago. It was worth its weight in gold to experience this moment and grow from it!


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The past couple of days have been remarkable in my pursuit for clarity!


I loaded my printer with new ink cartridges and spent several hours on the web, looking for everything in my life that means something to me. Basically, what I wanted out of my life. I began looking at homes, interiors, pools, vehicles, long lines at book stores and forms of giving that got me so excited that I had to print them off. In the end, I lined one wall of my kitchen with nothing but my expectations, i.e. my Vision Board. I have looked at it over the past two days and focus. Seeing is believing and when I look at what I am working towards, it pulls me one step closer to just that. It makes me progress further and as speaker, Tony Robbins says, “Happiness Comes From Progress!”

As for this morning, I reached a milestone in my life. I finished reading Tony Robbins 543 page book: Awaken The Giant Within. It is something for me because the largest book I have ever read before that was maybe around 270 pages. This book is close to 250 pages longer than that, proving that it can be done when your focused on it!


After reading zero books for five years, this marks my 7th book in just over a year and a total of 1,704 pages total! When I made the decision to change my life just over a year and half ago, I resolved to never turn back! I recommend any of these books if anyone is serious about make a change and leading an impactful life!


Now as for tomorrow morning, I am excited to begin my 8th book, Tony Robbins: Notes From A Friend. Staying on coarse to reading as much as I can to continue growing myself and switching over to an impactful life! Here we go guys, I’m all in!! PLUS, it’s only 10 days until Chicago!!! I want to invite you to watch my presentation live on Facebook by going to my page: Follow me live on Sept. 14th 7-9 p.m. CST. Time to get on my column today for the paper and get a run through in for the Chicago presentation and a physical run before dusk! Have a great day everyone!