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Today was such a transformative day! Proof that when you keep moving forward things will keep happening! Today I began writing to high schools and asking to come and speak to their students about leading an impactful life!

My story includes:

*Having divorced parents.

*Growing up depressed as a kid.

*Moving a lot as a kid with my mom.

*Losing my Grandma on my birthday at 14.

*Thinking of suicide.

* Running away from home.

* Married and divorced twice.

*Losing a Grandpa on Christmas Eve in 2003 then my other Grandpa a week later on New Years.

*Being bankrupt & foreclosed on.

*Losing my daughter.

*Losing my brother on Thanksgiving four years ago.

*Being cheated on.

*Surviving a car wreck.

*Wrongfully sued AND LOST!

*Living in a garage my freshman year.

*Being homeless at 32.


*Writing 8 children’s books and 2 picture books!

*Scratching Amazon’s Top 100 with a book!

*Having 3 amazing sons!

*Traveling the country, giving presentations to elementary schools!

*Traveling the country, giving speaking events to high school students and adults!

*Owning 3 homes!

If you have an elementary school, high school or adult venue and are looking for a speaker, give me a shout and we’ll make it happen! Looking forward to impacting more lives and making a mark! Be sure to stop by my social media sites listed below!!


Twitter: @LeviBFox

YouTube: Levi B. Fox




Today, I was off to the printer’s again. This time, it was to finalize posters for my speaking engagements and for my upcoming Barnes & Noble book signing in Evansville, Indiana.


The poster proof for the book signing looks amazing! Seeing the collage hit me at first because I could see just how far my hard work has taken me and so many great memories, all together in one place! I look forward to being able to pick it up and see that it gets to the Evansville, IN. B&N to be placed in front of the children’s section!!


The proof for m speaking engagements looks super great! This tree grows in my hometown and, at first look, one would think it could not live but it continues to grow, regardless of its setbacks! I can’t wait to use this a a great visual aid when speaking to junior high and high school kids!


I will be speaking to two local high school graduating classes this month and am excited to have my outline made. It took a couple of hours and a few ‘dry runs’ to put it together. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got! So as I head of to do the ‘evening job thing’, I hope your having a wonderful Tuesday, don’t be a stranger!


Well, the unseasonably warm November weather has gone and is quite cool now! None the less, today was a wonderful Saturday!

Today, Barney & Lexi arrived in full force as I prepare to read to both Ethan and Rylen’s classes before 2016 ends. 40 young readers will get a Christmas surprise after meeting B&L! I am very excited to read to these kids and hope they love Barney & Lexi.

mrs-flety-flyerBefore I go to Bridgeport Grade School to read to them, I will begin my school tour by reading to the students of Parkside Elementary and introducing Barney & Lexi to 100+ students! Bookmarks are being made and today, I got onto my PC and did the layout and design for the take-home-flyers that will be given to the students. I am very excited with the finished product and HP says that they should arrive within 7 days!

If you want anything in life, YOU GOTTA GRIND! I have been very congested today and had to nap some of that away. However, I got up and made sure that progress went on and not allowed to have a full day off!

Have a great weekend everybody, may your own success be just around the corner!!

The past couple of days have left me dragging. I have come home from work Friday night after 11 and fell asleep in my recliner and apologize for not posting. Last night, I watched some movies with my kids at Gma and Gpas house and got home very late. I hate not writing those nights and want to say sorry.

It now has been many weeks of working 75 hours a week between two jobs and something I did not see at first has come to mind. The first week or two I did not notice things but know, after many weeks lack of sleep over time has caught me. I took an hour longer at my night job because I was having trouble focusing and staying awake. Co workers at my day job told me that at one point I was sitting at my desk and snoring. Not good when it effects your work. I have been thinking and will make a decision this week on what direction I think will be best to keep moving forward in a positive way.

Tomorrow, I will be traveling to Lawrenceville High School in Illinois and speaking with a writing class and I could not be more siked! I feel so grateful to meet the amazing students and share our passion for storytelling! I am also excited to get back in front of a group again and help others realize their goals!

I am waiting on the magazine articles to be published and believe all three should be at any time! Until then, I can not stay awake any longer but want to wish you a wonderful start to the week ahead and hope it you make your mark on it!