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So, my Jimmy broke down the day before leaving for Moline, Illinois with Ethan and Rylen. I didn’t let that get in the way of traveling to Moline and watching Laurie Berkner perform an intimate solo event. I had rented a car prior to the breakdown and the only things keeping us from going was, well, nothing!


When we arrived at the car rental, our car was not finished in the wash area. This was not a bad thing, because we were given an upgrade to a small SUV for the same price. The vehicle was wonderful and gave us the room we needed to make out trip comfortable.


Five hours later, we arrived in Moline and after checking in, hit the pool for two hours. Then it was time to simmer down from our day and it was not long before Ethan and Rylen were out like lights. It was then time for me to get some work done. Being Tuesday, my weekly column was due and that meant it was time to get it done. With Ethan and Rylen asleep behind me, I sat at the table with a small lamp and wrote my column and got it sent off before turning in myself.


We woke to the sound of rain hitting our windows. With our venue being outside, I got on the email with Laurie’s assistant and COO of Two Tomatoes Records, Katie, and was told that the show would be moved inside. With that reassurance, we made our way across the street and had breakfast at the local Denny’s before filling up and heading into Bettendorf, Iowa for an afternoon at The Family Museum.


I must highly recommend this museum for children! Colorful, entertaining, educational and hands on, The Family Museum, at a cost of only $8.00 per person, is worth its weight in gold for the value it gives and the memories you will make!


It was then time to return to Moline and its amazing historic district. The Laurie Berkner show was being held at the historic, Deere-Winman House and the intimate performance was being held on the side lawn. The beautiful grounds led up to the breath-taking home, built in the 1872 and looking just as great as it likely did then.


As we approached the side lawn, we heard Laurie’s music, we all assumed it was being played over the speakers for visitors as they awaited the show. However, Ethan and Rylen froze in their tracks as they came around the corner of the house to find Laurie standing on the stage in the middle of sound check.


The time at Deere-Winman was for Ethan and Rylen, but I was humbled to be invited to bring copies of Barney & Lexi to the show and leave with Katie. I left copies with her and picked up copies of Laurie’s children’s book: We Are The Dinosaurs for Ethan and Rylen. They began reading their books as Laurie appeared and the show went underway for an amazing hour and half.


With pigs on heads, beach balls bouncing around and children dancing and laughing, Laurie put on an impressionable show and left no one feeling left out. The weather held off and made for an amazing evening!


As Thursday can, Ethan, Rylen and I climbed back into our rental and made the five hour journey back home to southern Illinois. Singing songs and talking about how much fun we had along the way.


Friday would come and I would find out that my Jimmy issue was nothing more than a bad distributor cap and with a $50.00 replacement, she is now up and going great.


As the weekend would come and go, I would send Lynden off to band camp at EIU for the week as he earned a scholarship to the collage camp and is having an amazing time.


So, in the end, everything is just as it should be, great and plugging away. Remember, no matter what comes along, if you stay the coarse, you can make anything happen!

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Today, I broke with the tradition of grabbing my camera and heading out into Lawrence County, Illinois and snapping photos for the opportunity to travel and hour south, to Evansville, Indiana and Christmas shop with my mother. Being that this was the last official week of Fall, my photos will look just the same from a scenery standpoint, therefore, I figure I am not missing this one weekend.

Frankly, I needed to get away for the day! Since my brothers passing, it has been a culmination of emotions, that today, I was able to handle and move on with. This would have been the next time he and I would have gotten together with our mother and I wanted to do this, knowing he was there with us! It was a wonderful time! From Cheeseburgers In Paradise, with their awesome food, to Eastland Mall, which was packed to the gills with people and great deals! I am so very thankful to know that this year, I, myself will be giving them one heck of a Christmas with so many of the things on their lists!

I drove to Evansville and also back home listening to Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra, wow, I had forgotten just how much I loved their style of music. Music is such soothing therapy and it so set the mood for a wonderful day! Do you have any classical suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

Now comes time to sit back down and figure out just why Cristena Jonson was late to class! I am just as curious as Mario, Louis and Sindy! I hope you have had a wonderful day and tried to Live With Passion and my God Bless Newtown!!


Tonight, I took my oldest son, Lynden to buy him a new winter coat. We walked in and I told him to pick out the one he wanted, even though it was not the choice I had first on my mind, it was a nice, warm winter coat and it was so much fun watching him smile over it. To know that him and his brothers will be warm this winter is the best feeling in the world. After paying my rent, my child support and this warm coat, I return home tonight, as broke as I was when I woke up this morning. today was also payday.

I’ve been writing for almost a decade and I can remember when I first wrote The Adventures of Marky, Slash & Levy. I began writing and could not contain myself! I was doing what I had always wanted to do and felt as though I was on top of the world! Truthfully, I am glad we don’t know what is coming down the road, if we did we might not fight for a dream! Had I of known back in 2003, when I started Book One, that ten years later, I would still be making the same amount of money, be living on my own and have close to 75 total rejections to my credit, it would have been so easy before I finished that first book to simply give up, say “I can’t do it”.

I share my one bedroom house with a black cat (of all things), that my son Ethan found as a stray, there are so many nights, that I sit at this computer and think about those rejections, 45 are in my filing cabinet and the other 30 some, are in a box in my closet. I think about being only 33, having three sons and praying to God that I can make it. I have to make it!

Since I began writing in 2003, I haven’t quit! I have taken breaks in between stories, but never said, “I quit!” Tonight, I sit here, hoping my blog does well, hoping my Facebook page will get a few “likes” and that an agent will be inspired by my work and my dream will come true. Earlier this year, I sent my work to one agency that I had met at a writer’s conference in Connecticut. They passed on one but liked Barney & Lexi : Lost In Lawrenceville. Being busy, they asked if I would check back with them in a few months and go from there. It felt great! After years of writing and working, I felt again, on top of the world.

Regrettably, I was turned down after waiting. The greatest heartbreak is to work so hard, get that small taste of accomplishment, then find yourself right back where you started from! Since then, I have tried to keep my head up, I have too! I’m not giving up on that agency either! I think about how the world of literary agents is someones opinion vs. your own. They have a nice living, they are living their dream, I am no different!

Truth is, tonight, while buying Lynden his winter coat, I could not help but wonder what I was going to eat for supper this week, being almost broke. I have lived off of cheap box mac and cheese for an entire year and I can tell you that it bogs you down and drains you of what you like to do. For me, it was running, I feel great when I am on the track and making my legs stronger! Lately, it is hard to climb out of bed, even when I have to be to work within 15 minutes. Still, tonight, I believe! I believe I am a great author! I believe that this will all pay off and there will be a day very very soon, that I will walk my boys into Kohl’s and pick out their coats and know that I earned the right not to worry!

When I look at my sons, I tell myself….I’M GONNA BE SOMEBODY!!! Live With Passion