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Work was busy, ready for evenings to begin in August and for schools to get back in session so Barney & Lexi and The Lizard Wizard can meet more students and inspire them to create!!

Although school is out for the summer, it WILL NOT slow this author down! I just got an e-mail, letting me know that an article I have written for Tri-State OUTDOORS Magazine is past the layout process and will go to print very soon and is scheduled for a July 1st release date!

Last night, I began work on my outline for my presentation with the SCBWI in Chicago, this September. I might only get one shot at an opportunity like this and am gong to shoot for the moon, because even if I miss, I’ll still find myself among the stars!

With some needed e-mails sent out and work caught up to this moment, I am heading out with Lynden, Ethan and Rylen, to watch them play baseball in the country league, Chauncey Community Baseball. I hope everyone has a great evening and wonderful Tuesday!

I was able to write page an half of The Boondock Kids and with that, planning to take a jog before picking up my kids for the weekend. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

With dinner underway, The Boondock Kids begin to explain that Kelmare is taking them to Serabantha Castle and to see Queen Zardanin.

This concerned Rascone until Kelmare explained that they would be looking throw a telescope from the safe distance of Raven Pass. It was then questioned about the safety of the kids journey when Rascone explained that Queen Zardanin was not on her throne by those of Spyderia but, by her own force through her ability to control magic in order to control others.

Kelmare then lightened the discussion by explaining that they were going to be able to still view the queen safely because most of the time, she was not one to put others in danger and only did so when her reign was threatened by others.

Rascone explained that she held control of the Zephermyte Army and that would likely secure her reign until her time comes to pass naturally.

Surprisingly, The Boondock Kids remain just as intrigued to see her. Kelmare explained that he hoped to use his telescope to view one of the queens daily appearance ceremonies at the castle.


The date is not yet official, but I have been invited to travel to Chicago in September and speak to members of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. I have always want to attend one of these meetings and never thought in 13 years that I would be speaking at my first one. I hope by then that I will have my 8th book, a bedtime story entitled ‘The Lizard Wizard” finished enough to showcase it and Barney & Lexi during my presentation. One look at where I believe I will be speaking and I am excited and grateful. Hard work and more hard work can pay off, you just have to keep working and keep believing!


The last page of The Boondock Kids, saw Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena, finding out their was no food in their bowls and no drink in their cups.

It was from there that the four friends appeared puzzled. Rascone did not realize that The Boondock Kids had never seen Woodenware before. He then explained to his four new friends that with Woodenware, one could wish up any meal they desired and it would be created. This idea made the four friends very excited and unanimously, they all agree they wanted macaroni and cheese for supper.

They thought of mac n cheese, but when they took the lids off of their bowls, they found nothing was there. Rascone then suggested to them that they focus very hard on their meal in detail. Being a meal that was not known to Spyderia, the Woodware would have to learn it before creating it.

They placed the lids back on their bowls and focused. After a moment, Kelmare  asked them to look this time. When they removed the lids, Mario, Louis, Sindy & Cristena found a bowl full of steamy, cheesy macaroni in front of them. Mario and Louis were the first to try their dinner and found it to be the best ever. Sindy and Cristena began to eat theirs and could not disagree.

When they became thirsty, they each thought of their favorite drink and watched as the cups began to fill with just what they had imagined. Mario had soda, Louis had apple juice, Sindy had sweet tea and Cristena chose milk.

As they ate Rascone was overwhelmed with how great the meal looked and was encouraged to create his own. At first taste, Rascone was shocked at how delicious his meal was and encouraged Kelmare to try the new coarse as well. Everyone sat around the short table and basket in the marvel of their new discoveries.

So, it’s about time to head to my evening job, I wish you a pleasant afternoon and many of your own discoveries!


I can’t say enough about this little intermediate school In Mt. Carmel, Illinois. Built in the late 1950’s N.I.C.E (which stands for North Intermediate Center of Education) has such a feel to it and a warm, inviting character that is often not found in new schools.

Day #2 brought me into the other two classrooms of the third grade. These kids are not only very creative, they are smarter than their ages. I have loved hearing their answers to questions I ask and the many stories about their pets at home. When I ask about cats and getting scratched, there is always one student who has a scare and has to show the class.

Halfway through my week here and I will tell you that this place is special. Kind, considerate and more or less, an old school kind of school in the days where buildings and classrooms have no character, this place is still going strong!


What an amazing day! My first day at N.I.C.E (North Intermediate Center of Education) in Mt. Carmel, Illinois was a huge success! Not only where these amazing kids entertained, they were so smart and so super great to speak to!

Barney & Lexi were a huge hit with the students and It was so much fun sharing the story with them about how the two got lost in Lawrenceville. I can not wait for my second day followed by Thursday and Friday to end out the week!


While in Mt. Carmel, I was able to book a return trip in March and will be going to South Elementery School and introduce Barney & Lexi to all of the second graders! It will be memorable because after the school year ends, it will also be the end of South Elementary School. It will be closing its doors and moving to the location where N.I.C.E is located. In turn, N.I.C.E will be moving to the middle school because the seventh and eighth grade will be going to the high school. I am honored to be a part of the schools history before then!

Now it is time to head out. I wish for you, nothing but a wonderful afternoon and hope you life your life to the fullest!

With an amazing week behind me, I am gearing up in a couple hours to head out to another elementary school. This week I will be traveling to Mt. Carmel, Illinois and heading to N.I.C.E (North Intermediate Center of Education) and begin speaking with third grade classes about Barney & Lexi. I am super pumped for the kids to meet them and get to know about their crazy adventure. I will be visiting N.I.C.E for the rest of the week, visiting two classes a day through Friday.

This marks my farthest I have gone so far for my school tour. It means that I am ‘pushing’ myself out of my comfort zone. That pushing makes me a bit nervous but I am so excited to feel the reward on the other side of this push. There will always be struggle, but nothing is impossible if your reaching for your goals.

The Greatest Examples:

1.) The Chicago Cubs were a cursed team in Major League Baseball. Having not won a championship title in over a century, they blazed a trail this year that led them to from being far behind in the World Series and making a comeback to time the series and force a final game. Tied up with a rain delay, this team came back out and went for success and closed out the best World Series in history with their first championship in over 100 years!

2.) Donald J. Trump was a business man and television personality but was not politician. When he entered the race for President of the United States, he was ignored and was figured to drop out within a couple of months. He was laughed at and told he would never make it to the end of the primary. He stayed in past those couple of months and beat out 20+ of the best politicians today to enter the general election where he was then told he would lose badly and be a disgrace. He faced an opponent who was educated, experienced and determined to win. However, Trump continued on and stayed his coarse and when the dust settled, went from being considered a loser to becoming the 45th President of the United States.

3.) The New England Patriots went to Super Bowl 51 as the odds on favorite to win their fifth championship. As the game began, it was clear that their opponents had not only come to win but dominate the entire game. Into the third quarter, the score was 28-3 and was not in the patriots favor. The commentators began to discuss every hurdle the would have to be tackled if New England was to have any hope of winning. With the odds against them, they dug their heels in and tackled every hurdle that was mentioned and tied the game, forcing the first overtime in the history of the Super Bowl. Winning the coin toss, New England forced their way down the field  and scored the last touchdown of Super Bowl 51 and making the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history and win their fifth championship.

This is a year of possibility for every person who is up against the ropes! Down, does not mean out! I am a bit nervous as I prepare to head out in an hour but this is something I must do! I want to succeed as a writer and to do that, I must get my work out there. So, when it seems hard, I too, will keep going!

Pushing against the resistance will create success, I want you to succeed too!!

As you all can tell from the photo above, Barney and Lexi will begin 2017 with no agent.

Lots can be said but, this goal must keep going. I have come too far to ever walk myself back. I will keep trying to speak with schools and introduce Barney & Lexi to readers my own way.

It hurts a ton, but if I have learned anything over the last year, it is that you succeed or learn. Failure is not an option! Here’s to the future!