All Within A County; (6,224 Miles Of Farewells)

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Uncategorized
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6,224 miles driven! A final farewell for the pictures treks...

6,224 miles driven! A final farewell for the pictures treks…

You ever realize that at some points in our lives, you have to step away from things? Well, I found myself so wrapped up in trying to be a success that I could not see that being a success in real life was not what I had in my mind-set!
You see, I had come to a point in my career that I was so pulled between The Boondock Kids, keeping up with this blog, adding pictures to Flickr,working on completion of the picture book project, raising three boys and working at my ‘paycheck’ job 50 hours a week that I lost sight of what mattered the most and it was to be a success to myself! I stepped away from most of it in order to find what I valued most.
One thing I found was completion! That’s right, in my time away from Facebooking and blogging, I wrapped my picture book project!!! Every Road, Every Season is now completed from the field!! You wanna know the coolest thing of all?!
I drove 6,224 miles and remained inside the small area of Lawrence County, Illinois!!
That is the distance of crossing the United States and back and then crossing 1/4 of it for the third time!! Now, I know after my time away that this news may not impress many. It will probably not become some national newspaper fodder, and you know what…that will not be the end of my celebration!
I am not sure how many others have done what I have completed, perhaps none, maybe many. Still I am proud to say that just I finished my first book of Marky, Slash & Levy, I am proud to look up and feel so wonderful for completing something that I began wondering if it was possible, well, it was!!
I am proud to say that an amazing woman has entered my life and with it the sense of renewal! When things get too rough, you sometimes have to step away from what matters to really see what matters. Lift your faith above, close your eyes and learn to believe in yourself all over again!
The vehicles that went on this trek with me!!!

The vehicles that went on this trek with me!!!

I am truly thankful for the two vehicles and two cameras that made my project a success in my eyes and to my God for allowing it to come full circle!!! As I look to returning to writing soon, I find myself learning what matters most, and it sure wasn’t the success I thought it was! Live With Passion!!!

  1. gagemanning says:

    Love it! Great work Levi!

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